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Welcome To Shekinah Aquatic Solutions: The Koi Store

Conceptualized as a “One Stop Pond Shop” in the winter of 2000, this retail store dedicated to Water Gardening and Japanese Koi was started in the Summer of 2001 by Mark Curtis, the ex-General Manager of Picov’s. Mark, a pioneer in the hobbies of Water Gardening and Koi-Keeping, has over the last decade been devoting his time and energy to bringing back fine quality hand-picked Japanese Koi, the likes of which have rarely been seen in Canada.

“Making Pondkeeping Simple” is the goal of Shekinah Aquatic Solutions, and we design our customers’ ponds below water level, so they have the advantage of having a truly functional pond. All aspects of filtration, circulation, and aquatic life are considered when we design the pond. What appears above the water level we leave to landscapers to design.

At Shekinah Aquatic Solutions we sell a complete line of pond equipment from leading manufacturers like Hozelock Cyprio, Oase, Cal Pump, and Danner, to name a few. Also a full line of pond treatments, fish food and aquatic chemicals; hand selected Japanese Koi for the discerning Koi collector; and last but not least,a large variety of aquatic plants, both hardy and tropical to satisfy any pondkeeper’s needs.

Shekinah Aquatic Solutions is Canada’s “Koi Store”. We specialize in high end, hand-picked Japanese Koi. Remember producing high end Koi is a challenge. It is a complicated process involving bloodlines, genetics, temperature, culling and growing of these beautiful fish. The bigger challenge is in picking the quality fish.

There is a saying “Beauty is Skin Deep” but with high quality Koi “Beauty is Deep in the Skin”. All colours on the high quality Koi should be embedded deep in the skin so that the sharp clear colours and patterns will emerge and stay beautiful for a long time. It is better that young Koi do not “finish” too early.